Driving Transformational Change with Holly Kramer

Holly Ransom | June 13, 2018

This week’s guest is Holly Kramer. Holly Kramer is a prominent non-executive director. On the boards of organizations like Woolworth’s, 2XU, and Australia Post. But she’s also got a really interesting corporate history. She cut her teeth in roles such as executive level at Pacific Brands, Telstra, and the Ford Motor Company, across both Australia and the USA, before she found herself at the helm of Best&Less. A retail company with four thousand employees, and two hundred stores, that was not in a great place when Holly found it. Or when Holly took over as CEO.

What we’re going to focus on in this podcast is what it takes to drive transformational change in a business. How is it that you can lean in to the customer experience, understand their needs, and transform the way that you deliver products and service? What does it take to shift the culture and really engage your people? And how is it you can inject innovation and agility in thinking and operating back into the way that you work? I hope you enjoy this weeks podcast.

Contact: @hollyatthefarm