The ultimate innovation? Our ability to change ourselves.

To the entrepreneurs, the change-makers and the brave decision-makers out there, we need your radical ideas in these unparalleled times.

So far, visible innovation has manifested mostly in the way we are responding to change. We are now harnessing underutilised methods we have had at our disposal for decades: open-source R&D collaboration; rapid technology adoption, and; the mobilisation of collective action. While it may be tempting to hunker down and wait for COVID-19 to roll over us, we know that innovation thrives in adversity. So let’s get moving.

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Where do New Year’s Resolutions go to die?

Some of us are no doubt already feeling a little overwhelmed by everything we have set out to achieve in 2020. And some of us may be feeling downright crappy that we can’t seem to live up to our own high expectations of ourselves. But when it comes to change, there’s no quick fix… or is there? I think so, and the good news is that it is highly scalable!

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A practical approach to change management

By MYOB Social Media Leader James Curnow August 22, 2019 Appearing at Partner Connect 2019 Day Two, the Emergent CEO offered her advice on how business leaders can embrace change and set course for a more successful tomorrow. Holly Ransom knows a thing or two...

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Walking the Tech Tightrope

By Holly Ransom, 2019 Encryption. Extremist social media content. Driverless cars. Blockchain. Drones. Facial recognition. Cybersecurity. AI. Fake news. The list of technology issues confronting our society is mind-boggling, and only growing in number and complexity...

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Co-founding Energy Disruptors Unite!

Energy Disruptors is a catalyst for bold, game-changing solutions to the world’s biggest energy challenges. In 2018, we brought together global leaders like Sir Richard Branson, New York Times best-selling author Susan Cain, Suncor’s Steve Williams, Bloomberg’s Michael Liebreich and Formula-E World Champion Lucas DiGrassi to ignite conversations and collaborations to drive transformation in the energy sector.

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