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Co-founding Energy Disruptors Unite!

Now is the time to think differently.

Now is the time to act boldly.

Now is the time to UNITE.

Energy Disruptors is a catalyst for bold, game-changing solutions to the world’s biggest energy challenges. In 2018, we brought together global leaders like Sir Richard Branson, New York Times best-selling author Susan Cain, Suncor’s Steve Williams, Bloomberg’s Michael Liebreich and Formula-E World Champion Lucas DiGrassi to ignite conversations and collaborations to drive transformation in the energy sector. 

On September 17th, 2019,the world’s boldest energy trailblazers will collide in Calgary to redefine future energy. For two full days, the Oil and Gas industry will join forces with the influencers at the forefront of energy transformation.  This year, Sir Ken Robinson and Malcolm Gladwell will be joining the conversation at EDU2019.

Together we will cross industry and policy barriers, break restraints on thought and harness the powerful potential of human ingenuity and technology. Together we will accelerate game-changing energy solutions on a global scale.

Most events start a conversation. #EDU2019 is a high-impact event designed to ignite action.