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Globally renowned keynote speaker, moderator, and emcee

Firing up audiences with the energy, insights and action for change

Holly Ransom is a dynamo: unusually knowledgeable, engaging, and thought-provoking. She has a real gift for bringing insights to life and drawing out the best ideas in the room.

Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist and Bestselling Author
Adam Grant

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Most popular keynote topics

Bridging the knowing-to-doing gap

High performance workplace cultures empower people to know better, and do better. At a time when companies are struggling to engage younger generations, retain women, and secure the skills that will drive the future, building a vibrant learning culture is critical.

With a set of powerful leadership tools gleaned from interviewing hundreds of the world’s top leaders, Holly will share a relevant set of micro-learnings to help people bridge what she terms ‘the implementation chasm’ in order to catalyze change.


  • peak performance
  • managing energy not time
  • holding ourselves accountable
  • values that stick 
  • high-performance habits

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Holly Ransom and Malcolm Gladwell

Master interviewer and panel moderator

There’s a reason why Holly was personally requested by Barack Obama to interview him on stage in 2018, Holly is both interested and interesting.

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Professional emcee and event host

With a spark to light any fire, Holly brings audiences and guests along on a compelling journey, fighting complexity with curiosity, apathy with empowerment and fear with fact.

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Event curator and content specialist

Holly has lived and breathed events organization for over a decade and has curated content for global top companies. Chat to us today about your big, hairy audacious event goals!

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Holly’s ability to weave an organization’s purpose, event themes and insights from global thought leaders together to tell transformational stories is unmatched. Putting her in front of our industry on PCMA’s biggest stage elevates the caliber of our general sessions and our audience looks forward to seeing her each year.

Carrie Johnson, PCMA, Senior Education Director

The Leading Edge

“I’ve spent 15 years researching empowered leaders, interviewing many of the world’s luminaries, studying a Masters at the Harvard Kennedy School, and consolidating a framework for future leaders in my new book, The Leading Edge. There are so many ways I’d love to support your leadership. I challenge you to come up with a new idea for a partnership and get in touch!”

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