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Activating Emergent Leadership

The future beckons us to look beyond traditional leadership and recognise the latent leaders within us all.

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Holly’s passion for leadership is contagious, fuelled by the idea that we’re all born with the ability to lead the change we care enough to make —a concept she delves into extensively in her book, ‘The Leading Edge.’

Within every individual lies a treasure trove of ideas, distinct perspectives, and untapped energy, eager to make its mark and propel your organisation forward.  Yet, in many instances, this latent potential remains dormant, stifled by rigid hierarchies and conventional notions of leadership.

But what if we challenged those conventional notions and empowered every individual to lead from where they stand? How might this reshape your organisational culture?

In ‘Activating Emergent Leadership,’ Holly illuminates the stark contrast between traditional hierarchical models and the agile, decentralised essence of emergent leadership. This approach is not merely about adaptation—it’s about leveraging the full spectrum of your workforce’s potential to strategically position your organisation for success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Join Holly to explore innovative strategies for unleashing the latent leaders within your organisation, to cultivate a culture defined by innovation, adaptability, and collective achievement.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn strategies to unlock creativity and foster a feedback-driven culture.
  • Uncover the key traits of leaders who supercharge others into leadership roles, fuelling confidence and autonomy within the team.
  • Explore support frameworks that encourage individuals to push boundaries and broaden their perspectives.
  • Gain insights into the unique characteristics of millennials and Gen Z in the workforce and how to think about best supporting these generations to thrive. 

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