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Humanising Leadership in a Tech Enhanced World

In a world on auto-pilot, human leadership means hijacking the shared narrative to author a shared purpose.

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Navigating the digital age has thrown many leaders into free fall.. As humans, we can no longer win on intellect, speed, systems, or control.

In the rapidly evolving digital age, leadership is at a crossroads. While technological advancements reshape industries, the workforce yearns for more than just a paycheck. Authenticity, empathy, purpose, and flexibility have become the new currency of fulfillment in work and the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2027, these ‘human’ skills will be paramount.

But how can leaders navigate this intersection, acknowledging and nurturing the essence of humanity amidst algorithms and innovations?

In ‘Humanising Leadership in the Digital Age,’ Holly reveals game-changing strategies to effortlessly blend social and emotional intelligence (EQ) – the very essence of our humanity – into your leadership DNA. With a knack for distilling intricate academic research on the human experience, Holly seamlessly connects theory to tangible leadership impact. Everyone will walk away armed with actionable skills, ready to elevate their leadership journey in the fast-paced, real-world arena. 

Key takeaways:      

  • Uncover core practices you can embed into your organisational culture that can help bring authentic, human leadership to the fore.        
  • Gain actionable insights on applying emotional intelligence (EQ) principles in real-world leadership scenarios.
  • Dive into practical strategies for navigating the emotional load of modern leadership.
  • Redefine your approach to time management, with a focus on optimising energy and mindset over mere hours on the clock.       
  • Explore how to effectively navigate the challenges of leading in a remote or hybrid work environment with empathy and inclusivity.

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