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Who is Holly Ransom?

Holly wrote The Leading Edge to democratise leadership and empower smart thinkers to become even smarter doers. Leading at the edge is a clear methodology covering the mindsets, methods and mastery gleaned from two decades of interviewing many of the world’s greats. Having interviewed the likes of Barack Obama, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Branson, Billie Jean-King, Condoleezza Rice, Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and the world’s first humanoid robot Sophia, Holly fights complexity with curiosity, apathy with empowerment and fear with fact.

Named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review, she has delivered a Peace Charter to the Dalai Lama, interviewed both the Obamas separately, was Sir Richard Branson’s nominee for Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List’ of Future Game Changers to watch and was awarded the US Embassy’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Leadership Excellence in 2019. Holly is a Harvard Kennedy School Class of 21′ Graduate democratising leadership learnings to scale change and harness diverse thinking at the rate the world needs.