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Love Mondays 130: Why Learning is the Key to Leadership

Monday Musing:

What if I told you, that in the dynamic world of leadership, your greatest power lies in constant learning?


Monday Motivation:

Ever find yourself thinking you need an entirely new set of tools to tackle today’s leadership challenges? 

In a recent survey by the Neuroleadership Institute, talent executives shed light on a critical issue: more than half of the skills crucial for today’s leaders are seriously lacking. The other 50%, always important, are now expected at a whole new level.

Does this hit home?

In an era where the pace is accelerating, leaders grapple with challenges not even on the radar five years ago—balancing the benefits of AI with human talent, navigating remote team leadership, and delicately managing the interplay between psychological safety and accountability. And let’s not forget the juggle of generations as Gen Z and millennials take centre stage in the workforce.

It’s never been more crucial to stay at the forefront of your learning game. But what should you be learning? Skills crucial for success in 2024 and beyond. 

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2023 identifies 7 human skills out of their top 10 skill priorities for businesses in 2027, including Leadership and Social Influence, Curiosity and Lifelong Learning, Creative Thinking, Empathy and Resilience.

These capabilities are the strategic assets that will define your success in navigating the complexities of the future.

What steps will you take today to ensure that learning remains at the forefront of your leadership strategy? 

Love Mondays.

P.S. Speaking of learning, I’ve got the perfect way for you and your team to level up your leadership skills and the best part? It takes just 15 minutes a day for one month.

My upcoming Epic Leadership Challenge, starting March 1st, is your ultimate learning adventure for personal and team growth! Unlock essential skills and equip yourself and your team to navigate the complexities of today and tomorrow.

Come play solo or bring along a friend – or if you’re a people leader, let’s talk about signing up your teams. 

P.P.S. As a leader, nurturing your team is as vital as leading them. Join me for today’s edition of Love Mondays More as I explore why developing your leaders in 2024 is an absolute must.

Join the Love Mondays movement and get a dose of inspiration to your inbox each week.


Join the Love Mondays movement and get a dose of inspiration to your inbox each week.