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Love Mondays 139: Earth Day – The Power of Action with Erin Brockovich

Monday Musing:

What if we saw Earth Day not as a single event, but as a daily commitment to protect our planet’s future?


Powerful words right? Erin Brockovich shared this insight during our chat at the Energy Disruptors: UNITE conference back in 2022, and it’s a timely reminder for Earth Day today!

Her message resonates deeply: change begins with each of us, a principle Erin embodies so well.

Many of you would know Erin from the film that shares her name, starring Julia Roberts. But beyond her Hollywood portrayal, she’s a dynamic force—a powerhouse environmental advocate whose fearless work during the Hinkley, California water contamination crisis in the 1990s led to a landmark victory against Pacific Gas & Electric. Her determination launched a movement and sparked a worldwide conversation about environmental responsibility.

Today, on Earth Day, Erin’s message is more relevant than ever. She teaches us that awareness alone isn’t enough—it’s action that drives real change. Regardless of your background, it’s your passion and determination that make a difference.

During our conversation, Erin shared many insightful nuggets, but one that truly stood out was her emphasis on the importance of ‘stick-to-itiveness’—yes, it’s a real term! 

Defined by Websters Dictionary as ‘a propensity to follow through in a determined manner’, it’s been Erin’s secret weapon in advocacy, reminding us that challenges are meant to be faced head-on, and practicing ‘stick-to-itiveness’ is key to overcoming them.

Ready to dive deeper into Erin’s inspiring story and insights? Catch the full interview here. (Side note: if you’ve never seen someone interview a hologram, it’s worth checking out—the tech is pretty cool!) 

P.S. Exciting news! Energy Disruptors: Unite 2024 is just around the corner! As a proud co-founder of this event, I’m thrilled to reveal that this October, our stage in Calgary will feature not just one, but TWO global icons.

Joining us as keynote speakers are the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Right Honourable Dame Jacinda Ardern, and the dynamic Sanna Marin, former Prime Minister of Finland.

Prepare to be inspired by an event brimming with innovation and transformative ideas. Secure your early bird summit passes now! See you there, disruptors!

Join the Love Mondays movement and get a dose of inspiration to your inbox each week.


Join the Love Mondays movement and get a dose of inspiration to your inbox each week.