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Love Mondays 141: Celebrating the Power of Laughter

Love Mondays with Holly Ransom

Celebrating the Power of Laughter 

Issue 141 – May 6 2024 

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.

– Charles Dickens

Monday Musing: What if, instead of rushing through our days, we spent more time sharing smiles and laughter with those around us?

Yesterday marked World Laughter Day, a joyful celebration of the incredible impact laughter has on our well-being and connections with others. Established in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement, this day was inspired by the idea that our facial expressions can deeply influence our emotions.

According to the facial feedback hypothesis, our facial expressions can influence our emotions. Even a fake smile can trigger feelings of happiness, and the same principle applies to laughing.

Now, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that research shows we save our biggest laughs for the weekend—15 chuckles on a workday, compared to 40 on the weekends. 

Given that we devote a third of our lives to work, why reserve all that fun for the weekends? After all, a workplace that cultivates and embraces laughter isn’t just more enjoyable—it’s also a catalyst for enhanced productivity, positivity, and overall well-being.

 One boss I know asks potential job applicants to tell him a joke in a job interview—more to see how they respond to an unexpected question than whether they can make him cry with laughter, but also because he believes people who can laugh and have fun together work better together. 

So, my challenge to you as we kick off this week is simple: start with a smile and maybe even a laugh. Because truly, when it comes to sharing joy and laughter, any day—including today—is the perfect occasion!

Now, brace yourself for some humour (and maybe prepare your fake smile) because I’ve asked ChatGPT to whip up some jokes to get your week rolling. Whether they make you laugh for real or just chuckle on the inside, let’s kick things off with a grin. 😂

Take charge of your Monday. 

Love Mondays: Think


When was the last time you laughed?


Empowered to boost your health and mood—and those around you— by embracing laughter and smiles.

Love Mondays: Do


Embrace the contagious joy of laughter. 

Love Mondays with Holly Ransom: ChatGPT Joke Roundup

Don’t just live Mondays,
love Mondays.

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