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Love Mondays 142: Unleash a more confident you

Unleash a More Confident You

Issue 142 – May 13 2024 

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

Maya Angelou, American memoirist, poet, and civil rights activist.

Monday Musing: What if the key to unlocking our full potential lies in challenging the negative stories we tell ourselves?

Ever found yourself replaying a conversation, analysing every word and gesture, wondering if you left the right impression? I did it just last week. Our inner dialogue tends to skew negative, especially when we care about making a good first impression.

That nagging uncertainty? Psychologists call it the “liking gap,” —Tbh, I don’t love the name—it’s too tied to social media ‘likes’ and validation. But at its core, it’s about the disconnect between how we think others see us and how they actually do.

This gap can lead to unnecessary self-doubt and prevent us from forming genuine connections, limiting our opportunities both personally and professionally.
But the good news? We can navigate this gap and build more authentic relationships!

And just FYI: After nearly a decade of research, experts have found that people consistently underestimate how much others genuinely like them. Turns out you’re likely more likable than you think! 😉

1. Catch Your Unconscious Thought Patterns: Pay attention to those automatic negative thoughts that crop up after a conversation. Do you have real evidence or are you being unduly harsh on yourself? Recognising these patterns is the first step toward breaking the cycle of self-doubt.

2. Seek Feedback, Don’t Assume: Instead of relying on assumptions and internal dialogues, actively seek feedback from trusted friends, colleagues, or mentors. Honest input helps build a more accurate picture of how you’re perceived and can alleviate unwarranted self-doubt. Plus, it can catch any faults or blind spots you might have missed, empowering you to grow and improve.

3. Focus on Connections, Not Impressions: Shift your focus from leaving a perfect impression to building meaningful connections. Authenticity resonates more than polished perfection. 

Take charge of your Monday. 


Recall a recent conversation where you felt unsure about how you were perceived.  How might you have underestimated yourself?


Embrace the encouragement from those who believe in you. How does their positivity boost your confidence?


Build genuine connections by being your authentic self.

The Likeability Mirage

Image inspired by BetterUp

A peek into my week.

What I’ve been up to over the week that was.

Joined inspiring leaders at the AFL Women Directors Forum! 

A highlight of last week was the fantastic AFL Women Directors Forum. It was inspiring to see how much women’s involvement around the league’s board tables has grown during my eight years as a Director of Port Adelaide (the table has certainly expanded!). We had some great discussions, tackling key strategic opportunities and challenges for the league.

Holly taking the reins of AFL score review

We also got to visit the impressive ARC centre (home of umpiring) and do a range of interactive sessions where we had to put ourselves in the umpiring hot seat… which certainly built empathy for our game’s umpires! 

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