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Love Mondays 146: Embrace Your Inner McConaughey!

Alright, Alright, Alright:
Embrace Your Inner McConaughey!

Issue 146 – June 10 2024 

I believe optimism is a

central part of survival.

Matthew McConaughey, Academy Award-winning actor, author and motivational speaker

Monday Musing:  What if you could transform challenges into opportunities with a simple shift in mindset?

Alright, alright, alright… Fun fact: these were the very first words Matthew McConaughey said on film in ‘Dazed and Confused,’ kicking off his incredible career back in 1992. Last month, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the talented and wise Matthew in New Orleans for the ATD International Conference and Expo. What a treat—(and seriously, he had everyone swooning!)

As a huge fan of his book ‘Greenlights‘ and his movies, I was thrilled to dive into Matthew’s thoughts on success, storytelling, and mindset. When I asked him about what fuels his mindset, he focused on a word he believes we don’t give enough credit—optimism.

I think optimism is survival. And that’s a part of that affirmation even if you’re not getting what you want; it’s about belief,” Matthew shared.

Psychologists tell us that optimists see good things everywhere, feel confident about the future, and recognise the world as brimming with potential opportunities. On the flip side, pessimists focus mainly on the negatives.

Research shows that optimists tend to live 11 to 15 percent longer than pessimists and have a better chance of achieving “exceptional longevity.” So, why wouldn’t you want to join the optimist’s club?  

Here are three powerful strategies to supercharge your optimism:

1. Flip Your Script: Your inner dialogue shapes your reality. When setbacks hit, don’t dwell on the doom and gloom. Flip the script! See challenges as temporary hurdles, not insurmountable mountains.

How do you typically explain setbacks to yourself? Can you reframe them in a more positive and temporary light?

2. Curate Your Circle: Energy is contagious. Surround yourself with radiators, not drains. Fill your inner circle with people who lift you up, spark your creativity, and fuel your passion.

Who are the energy-boosters in your life, and how can you engage with them more?

3. Unplug to Recharge: Social media can distort reality and drain your mojo. Hit the pause button. Disconnect regularly to reconnect with what truly matters—real-world interactions and genuine connections.

How does your social media use impact your mood, and what boundaries can you set to protect your well-being?

Take charge of your Monday. 


How can you flip your mindset to see setbacks as stepping stones? 


Resilient, knowing that a positive mindset can power you through challenges.


Turn setbacks into comebacks—spot at least one opportunity in every obstacle you face.

Global Running Day

This week, channel your inner McConaughey, embrace optimism, and keep those “alright, alright, alright” vibes going strong! 

P.S. In today’s Love Mondays More I’m launching a 5-day ‘Optimism Sprint’ – a challenge designed to infuse your week with actionable positivity. Don’t miss it!

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A warm welcome from ‘The Greeter’ Troy Hawke at the Workhuman Forum

Finding my stride in the heart of London

Humanising Work and Celebrating Diversity at Workhuman Live Forum 2024

Last week was an absolute whirlwind of inspiration and insights at the Workhuman Live Forum in London! We dove into some really interesting conversations about making work more human, focusing on how recognition can shape culture and boost well-being.

One of the highlights was Erin Meyer’s (author of ‘The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business’) fascinating exploration of cultural differences in communication styles – especially exciting since our audience came from 38 different countries! It was amazing to see such a diverse group come together to share ideas and learn from each other.

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