Press Freedom with Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa is a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and a freedom fighter for independent journalism. Ressa asks each of us, “What are you going to do to protect the facts in your area of influence? Because when you do that, you protect the truth.” I loved sitting in to hear her talk on the Harvard 2021 Salant Lecture for Freedom of Press.

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Taking resilience in hand

Like so many systemic problems in our society, the questions we ask around mental health far outweigh the answers we fall back on. Are you really okay? Are we really okay? What can we do to be better?

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Pride Cup returns to its grassroots origins

Pride Cup harnesses the power of sport to send a strong message of hope, inclusion and acceptance to LGBTIQ+ athletes, officials and supporters. By addressing harmful gender norms at community level, we believe we can affect instances of homophobia and harassment throughout greater society.

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The mind is not isolated from the world that it lives in.

As we map our road forward to a ‘COVID-normal’, what are we going to take with us and what will we leave behind? This pandemic has hit pause on our routines and given us all a chance to reflect on the factors contributing to our wellbeing as individuals, organisations and as a society. We see cries for help to mental health hotlines spike, fears of domestic violence increase during iso and a general malaise of youth who were already struggling to envisage a bright future for themselves. Mental Health professionals are highlighting a secondary curve likely to escalate, that of mental health.

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What should we do when every decision is a tough decision?

When I sat down to chat with renowned transformation strategist, Ron Gauci, we were discussing the mindset leaders need to cultivate in order to turn crisis-imposed business disruption into crisis-led business transformation. Ron’s practical and experienced-based tips seem to have struck a chord with the LinkedIn family and so this insights paper seeks to break down the information into actionable steps to take when every decision feels difficult.

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My Chat with Emma Grigson, army veteran, crisis leadership and disease management expert.

Emma Grigson’s career with the Australian Defence Force has spanned almost 19 years. Within that time she has studied Leadership at the Royal Military College, trained and was appointed as a Medical Officer, trained in jungle warfare as well as intelligence operations and strategies, before being posted in Washington, to conduct analysis of disease and unusual health activities across the globe. Today Emma talks strategic leadership in crisis and shares tips and tools for “planning to have no plan.”

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Are you a moonshot thinker?

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first #2020pulse. It turns out we are an ambitious bunch! An overwhelming 80% of respondents would describe themselves as such. – I love knowing I’m part of such an ambitious LinkedIn family! There are three big things I’ve always believed about ‘ambition’:

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The ultimate innovation? Our ability to change ourselves.

To the entrepreneurs, the change-makers and the brave decision-makers out there, we need your radical ideas in these unparalleled times.

So far, visible innovation has manifested mostly in the way we are responding to change. We are now harnessing underutilised methods we have had at our disposal for decades: open-source R&D collaboration; rapid technology adoption, and; the mobilisation of collective action. While it may be tempting to hunker down and wait for COVID-19 to roll over us, we know that innovation thrives in adversity. So let’s get moving.

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Where do New Year’s Resolutions go to die?

Some of us are no doubt already feeling a little overwhelmed by everything we have set out to achieve in 2020. And some of us may be feeling downright crappy that we can’t seem to live up to our own high expectations of ourselves. But when it comes to change, there’s no quick fix… or is there? I think so, and the good news is that it is highly scalable!

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ABC’s The Drum

Holly Ransom joins host Craig Reucassel on ABC’s The Drum, alongside panelists Van Badham, Kate Carnell and Rory O’Connor for a feisty discussion across breaking topics in Australia and overseas.

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The Leading Edge

The Leading Edge Leadership is within everyone’s reach, everyone’s ability and everyone’s power. The Leading Edge is written for those who wake up every morning caring about being a better human, building a better world. It’s for those who are done with the status...

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AFGC 2020 Future Leaders Forum

The fast-moving consumer goods sector straddles many of the biggest challenges facing business today. Whether it be supply-chain ethics, COVID disruption, technology adoption, or the shifting of regulatory and social expectations, leadership in the sector must be brave.

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