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Love Mondays 143: How to Not Get Left Behind with AI

How to Not Get Left Behind with AI

Issue 143 – May 20 2024 

The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.

William Ford Gibson, science fiction author

Monday Musing: How can we bridge the distrust gap so nobody is left behind in the AI revolution? 

Are you leveraging AI in your work? Whether or not you’ve welcomed AI appears to have a lot to do with whether you ‘trust’ it or not, and interestingly, research suggests that trust varies significantly between genders. 

A recent survey in the U.S. found that 48% of men use AI tools at work compared to just 35% of women. Concerns about the credibility of AI systems and their applications seem to be at the heart of this gap. This scepticism is a significant barrier that could further widen the gender gap in a key area of technological progression.

With AI driving the next tech revolution, how can you overcome any scepticism or mistrust you or any of your team might have?

First, embrace AI with eyes wide open to its limitations and biases. When you’re aware of these, you can harness AI to enhance your work while still relying on your crucial human judgement. I’ve recently shared insights on confidently integrating AI into our lives. By staying informed and vigilant, we can maximise AI’s potential while keeping the essential human touch. 

And second, start experimenting with AI to understand how it could benefit your work. Try out tools like for research, Asana for project management, or one my team finds useful, Klart AI Mail Assistant for email management. And if you’re wanting more inspiration, this article highlights examples specifically showing how women globally are leveraging AI to boost their productivity, creativity, and efficiency.

On a personal note, I’m currently exploring some free Generative AI courses to sharpen my skills—why not join me?  And, when you do, share what you’re learning (and even the fact that you are learning) to inspire others to have a go too. 

Take charge of your Monday. 


What barriers—whether they be lack of trust, knowledge, or access—might be preventing you from fully embracing AI technologies.


Encouraged by understanding that AI tools can enhance efficiency and open up new career opportunities.


Kickstart your AI journey by signing up for a free introductory course on Generative AI.

The Likeability Mirage

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P.S. I’ve covered more on the topic of AI in previous editions of Love Mondays, focusing on how to embrace AI for success and growth and how to get started with prompt engineering. If you missed those issues and are looking to jumpstart your AI journey, be sure to check them out!

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A peek into my week.

What I’ve been up to over the week that was.

An inspiring chat with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha at ICAN

What a phenomenal week! I had the honour of delivering a keynote at the 31st Annual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference in Nevada U.S., diving deep into how to build momentum for change.

The cherry on top? A fantastic conversation with the inspiring Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. Dr. Mona is the fearless pediatrician who raised the alarm on the the Flint water crisis in Michigan and advocated for the impacted individuals. 

Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin

 I’ve summed up the key highlights from our chat here.

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