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Our doors have now closed to our March Challenge!

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A business leader participating in Holly Ransom's online leadership program
Rachael Lehr - Associate Principal

I would highly recommend any leadership team to participate in the epic challenge! It opened deep conversations with our team and has given us lots of strategies we can use to find out more about those we lead and how we can be the best leaders for them. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rachael Lehr – Associate Principal, Department of Education WA
Rachel Lock, CEO

Having a platform like this to introduce concepts in a really consumable way, issue the challenge for me to respond to, and have a community to engage with and support each other has been absolute gold. Holly, I can’t thank you enough for how well you have put this together and I’ll definitely be joining future challenges.

Rachel Lock, CEO, McIntyre Dick, NZ
Ric McDonald

The growth I have experienced as a result of doing this course is immeasurable, and exciting. I highly recommend this course to all leaders and aspiring leaders.

Ric McDonald, Former District Governor, Rotary
Annie Bryce

Sign Up… you won’t regret it!

Takes such a short amount of time and the community vibe is welcoming and supportive.

Annie Bryce, CEO, Edge Early Learning

Most recent challenge participants have said…

  • The Epic Challenge gave me tools that I can use in my everyday leadership.

  • The Epic Challenge made me feel more confident in my leadership capability. 

  • The Epic Challenge made me feel energised and motivated.

  • I feel more connected to a community of leaders after participating in the challenge.

  • I can confidently state that the epic challenge has had a positive impact on me in some way

  • The Epic Challenge gave me skills to be more mindful and develop a growth mindset.

Join the challenge and get…

  • One month of daily challenges lessons delivered through our custom-built app

  • Learning that fits into your day challenges designed to take around 15 minutes

  • Facetime with Holly connect with Holly in our interactive community deep dives

  • Gamified experience points and prizes to keep players motivated

  • Hands on tools Printable workbook to complement + capture the learning

  • Networking Private Linkedin group so you can connect outside the platform

  • Peer-to-Peer learning safe space for sharing + community connection through weekly group sessions with breakouts

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15 years of leadership insights in the palm of your hand.

Holly has spent the past 15 years building a business, studying leadership and interviewing powerhouse leaders like Barack & Michelle Obama, Sir Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill & Hillary Clinton- the list goes on. And she’s even written a book about it! 

Holly’s mission is to bring the lessons she’s learned to the fore in pragmatic and practical ways, so we all can benefit from the lived experience of impactful leaders – and learn to lead like the greats.

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Unleash your Leadership Potential

Through over a 15 years of building a business, studying leadership and holding countless interviews with luminaries like Barack Obama and Malcolm Gladwell (and writing a book about it!) Holly Ransom has learned…

We must learn how to lead ourselves before we can successfully lead others.

Developing a high performing mindset and leadership techniques for ourselves is a critical precursor to being able to effectively mobilise others to achieve a collective goal.

In our March challenge, we’ll be focusing on the inner work required to be an impactful leader…

  • Deep introspection to cement our reason for showing up
  • Defining and aligning our personal drivers with our outside world
  • Building and maintaining relationships that fuel us
  • Creating and cementing beneficial habits
  • Setting and meeting meaningful goals
Holly Ransom's Epic Leadership Challenge

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